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480 thoughts on “Is Swaminarayan God? No, Swaminarayan is not the God.”

  1. My swaminarayana can say anything about LORD SHRI KRISHNA,Who r u to stop him? He said that KRISHNA is PER BRAHM PURUSHHOTAM .First of all do you know the knowledge of this word? Know first about that then blaim in swaminarayana sampraday.

    And you said that he is not god then but as per INDIAN INDEPENDENCE every people have rights to spreads their thoughts.You don’t have rights to stop this things .You are a big puppet with physiological disorder who spreads his own mentality for become famous.

    Swaminarayan sampraday is not for making money but I think you do all that for money making.
    Lord swaminarayana is world famous with his good thoughts whenever your popularity is ZERO.This is the main point which you understand and stop to spread your poor mentality .

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