Stop swaminarayan propaganda

Please read through below documents. Only Gujarati people will understand. I will try to translate in English very soon.

img-20160710-wa0020 img-20160710-wa0021



75 comments on “Stop swaminarayan propaganda”
  1. drsonisite says:

    And yes you can find oh is it so????Then come come ….
    Come to ahmedabad you even don’t need to work hard and I will provide you my address ….. Let’s meet face to face…. You can bark from Canada brother but can’t do anything else….


    1. swamydsp says:

      are you born stupid or recently became stupid?? You are so desperate to meet, I told you where I’m. Don’t worry kid your wish will be fulfilled soon enough.

      Don’t go hide that time.


      1. drsonisite says:

        Don’t worry bro I will soon find you…. Asking the regional crime branch head who is a friend of mine to find about you and will make you cry with bloody tears…. You have completely cross es all limite by commenting on lord swaminarayan….


      2. swamydsp says:

        Now you know what abusive is. Don’t call me bro. I’m not your bro. hahahah and I will be waiting.

        But when I’m in ahmedabad, I will come find you for sure. THAT MUCH I CAN GUARANTEE.


  2. Jignesh says:

    Now swaminarayan assholes of baps are writing their own books to make their group seem real and the truth!!! FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE BAPS IS FAKE!

    Look what they have written:

    “With the blessings of Pramukh Swami Maharaj, Sadhu Bhadreshdas has revived the ancient tradition of writing commentaries on the principal scriptures of Vedanta by authoring the Prasthānatrayī-Svāminārāyaṇabhāṣya (The Swaminarayan Bhashyam), the first ‘bhashya’ (commentary) written in many centuries in the traditional style of renowned scholars like Shankaracharya, Ramanujacharaya, Madhvachraya, and others. He has also written the Svāminārāyaṇasiddhāntasudhā (Swaminarayan Siddhantsudha), a ‘vaadgranth’ which, alongside the bhashya, traditionally establishes the Akshar-Purushottam Upasana.”

    WORLD’S MOST FAKE PEOPLE. HOW can you write your own slokas?



  3. drsonisite says:

    Hahaha…. Bro let’s see WHO FINDS WHOM…..


    1. swamydsp says:

      cock sucker swamianrayan.


  4. swamydsp says:

    hahahahahah. This cracked me up…. Man that’s some seriousness.


  5. Lana says:

    Im not here to fight, but educate. If you are willing, then please reply.


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