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  1. Now if we will consider your references from upanishad the thing which you described me from chhandogy upanishad and Narayan upanishad can u translate it? Oh sorry I have forgotten that you didn’t know sanskrit…. Ask your imaginary god to translate it for u and then come or else google it and tell me what it describes about INCARNATION OF krishna.

    • hahaha it is for good that I have left my old abusive manners. Else this would have ended long time ago. But if I were to abuse there is not difference between you and I.

      But weren’t you sea of knowledge?? what happend?? your bava doesnt believe it?? People like you’re two faced who don’t have backbone to believe the true reality.

      • Look who is talking about good manners…. Hahaha… If you wants to be abusive you can it won’t affect me…. Rather I will enjoy it….
        Secondly let’s put aside the matter of my belief….. Do you believe in them??????
        No you don’t… If you do then you have accepted my references I have given previously

      • What references?? Your junk ass comment is without any slok number?? YOu’re too scared that I disseminate your swamianrayan.

  2. And regarding shreeji maharaj’s incarnation he has done a lot he prevented his devotees from doing female infanticide,also prevented sati pratha and also established separate temples for them to worship and to make them sadhvi he asked the wives of acharyas to give her guru mantras..
    He also asked his devotees to stop intake of injuries substances like tobacco ganja liquor etc…..
    This is also being mentioned by sir Reginald heber who was archbishop of kolkata at that time….
    He also reestablished the nonviolent yagan tradition and prevented occurrence of violence of animals in name of rituals. he also changed life style of many people at that time and asked to take them panchvartman I.e not to steal not kill not to drink not to do vyabhichar and not to abuse….
    He also at that time asked the kings and british governer to remain in their dharma and help people and to look after their people like their father.he also removed misconception of people regarding bhoot pret pishach etc and made them fear free…
    Yes he was having good relations with britishers but it was not due to bhagwan approaching towards them to ask for something…. They them self were interested in meeting with god and asked for any help if needed. Because they were amazed by fact that how he was able to change the minds of people without using force….. Lord have never used force in his life and even he had convinced all people by his speech and aishwarya…..
    Jay shree swaminarayan

    • lol Moron. your puny god went around India and he didn’t find anywhere else about sati pratha or what not??
      Raj Rammohan Ray also worked towards same cause, but he is not god.

      I myself is without any substance, but I hate your swaminaryan with pure heart.

      • Hahaha….. It seems that you don’t have anything bad to find about lord and so you are raising questions over work he has done……
        Grow up bro….

  3. Hahaha…. I knew it you will give references from purana only…..
    Now it’s my turn…..
    1 Brother the purana you are talking about have all been written around 400 to 200 bce. 2 You your self told that vyasji has written purana around the time of krishna and accepted that there is no reference of any scripture which mentioned about krishna before the incarnation of krishna
    Now let’s analyse both the conditions in condition 1 it’s simple to accept that aa timing of buddha was around 600 bce it’s name can be there in purana which were formed 200 years after his death so you can’t say that they have mentioned buddha before the existence of him
    In 2nd case let’s accept your view then I wants to ask u a simple question. In bhavishya puran which is also a part of main 18 puran in its pratisargparva and third khand krishna told pandav as that they will have to rebirth in Kaliyuga and also I will rebirth there at time in the name of king udaysingh.if u believes all purana right then bhavishya puran who depicts rebirth of krishna as uday singh is also right and by similar means skand purana who depicts about lord swaminarayan is also right and you have your reference as I have told you previously…… Also in b.p p.s.p pratham khand lord told the kali yuga that I will come in different forms to you and help different people…..
    Also the 3rd scenario is that in shastra listed by vaishnava the 8th incarnation of god is considered as balaramaji and 9th krishna and 10th kalki…… There is no mention of budh in them….. Now what will you consider true??????? In either one you will see that lord swaminarayan was god and if you rejects every thing then you also rejects ancient references of lord krishna being incarnated even before their incarnation……..
    No regarding upanishad they have also written during 600- 800 bce.. they were written in accordance to that time… The upanishad written earlier have mentioned about a singal parmatma in the name of aum or narayan the then coming have added stutis of different incarnations… Exp isha bayaan is most ancient… The chandigarh came later… The narayana and krishna upanishad were even late….Exp if you will read lakshanik upanishad you will find it begins with stuti of shree ram…It also have some mention for brahma vishnu and mahesh but didn’t mentioned about krishna….
    So ultimately the main scriptures like geeta mahabharat came after incarnation of god….Similarly there was small notes regarding swaminarayan in ancient scriptures but main scriptures formed after their incarnation….

    • *akshamaliko upanishad

    • lol who is the barking dog now?? or should I also say mad barking dog? I see that you’re super jealous that Rajesh cut ties with your utterly fat puny god.

      You’re small nut size brain can’t process too much. You only read what you bava preaches to you. Have you read Shiv Puran? I guess not, Shiv is the main source of all purans, Ved Vyas just compressed everything in put in simple format so fools like you can read and not listen from someone else. For your kind reference, refer to Shiv puran vidhvesvar samhita, slok from 6-12. If you based your timeline from book that was written by some foreigner then there is no better fool than you. Whatever purans you’re mentioned provide reference with slok number. I don’t do it like you do. I provide reference and slok number unlike you provide gibberish.

      Stop calling you puny god stories a scriptures.

      • Hahaha…… I can understand your frustration….. You know I can even tell you more references of purana describing about shree krishna…. Have you read brahmand puran???In it there are whole chapters about stuti of shree ram and shree krishna….. Its there in many puran… But as you can’t read sanskrit you can’t read them…. So sad…
        I have already mentioned about intentions of rajesh and you know it doesn’t make any difference for me..
        Secondly you can’t read sanskrit and many of our scriptures are there in sanskrit including shiksha patri… So they all are like stories for u but they makes sense for other people…..
        Yes I havent read shiv puran because there are many others like it and I have been able to read a few but I will surely read it in future because I understands values of them unlike you who speaks about geeta everyone but don’t accept it’s teachings….
        I can’t provide slok all sloke numbers of whole parva or khand I have already told you in which part from that scriptures I have given my references but it seems that you haven’t even don’t know how to read them…… Such a pity….
        Secondly yes I have given them according to their time depicted by modern historians because I wanted show you that the references which you are giving are not completely pure….. There were certain addition and substraction happened in past…. And nobody can deny that…..
        Its pity that the britishers to whom you hates so much you are washing their toilets in Canada….. First of all try to become a true nationalist by serving your own country then ask for others…..
        Jay swaminarayan

      • Cunt like you will never grow. If Bramand puran mentions about Ram and Krishna which is great. But your black ass was smart enough to understand sanskrti?? No?? At least sanskrit I know it not from your bava who are filled with lust and greed. I heard your bava don’t see ladies, and then why are they born in this world!!
        Same thing with you, you’re homosexual that’s reason why it is so hard for you to understand anything.

        You can’t provide slook number?? What happened again?? Your vagina got wet and scared?? YOu know what I just realized, I think your swamianrayan must have sucked a dick of britishers so britishers were willing to give a land to him to build a temple. But that was a master stroke. Few mins of sucking got him centuries of fame. MASTER MIND.

  4. You both are speaking again and again that swaminarayan was born in 1800 and so he can’t be god….. Hahahayou yourself are contradicting the speaking of shree krishna in geeta yada yada hi dharmashastr…..
    It seems that to prove yourself right u can contradict any one even lord krishna….. Such selfish people you are….

    • Fools like you misunderstand life at every step.

      Whenever there is decay of righteousness, O Bharata,
      And there is exaltation of unrighteousness, then I Myself come forth ;

      For the protection of the good, for the destruction of evil-doers,
      For the sake of firmly establishing righteousness, I am born from age to age.

      Why did you puny god not destroy Brithsers? Instead he set down with them and enjoyed tea, Britishers gave land for him to build a temple. Simple explain that first!!

  5. First of all brother jignesh you yourself decide who is being defeat es by whom and also decide that who is true and who is false. I mean you yourself is a spectator a judge and a prosecutor all in one…… Hahaha this indicator the level of your intelligence…
    You also told me that what ever swaminarayan bhagwan was doing was because of grace of shree krishna… Lord have shown samadhi to many people and thats even documents by many english writer…. So why didn’t god show same grace for others like vallabhachary who reestablished bhakti marg and asked his devotees to surrender themselves towards shree krishna? Why same didn’t happened with shankaracharya who reestablished vedic dharma in whole india who was at that time being invaded by boudhist people? With chaitanya mahaprabhu and many others?
    You are repeatedly speaking about shiksha patri and mention in that in it shree krishnas name is 52 time….. In vachan amrit am its more than that. you are accept ing the verse of shiksha patri speaking about shree krishna but when I told you for detailed description of all the dharma maharaj told their devotees to read other scriptures of their sampraday and when I m giving references from that scriptures you are not considered them…… Such a big hypocrite you are… are speaking that bhagvad geeta was spoken by vyas and written by ganesh ji…. You are again wrong here….. The actual knowledge of this geeta was spoken to dhritarashtr by sanjay who was able to see the war by himself starting even at mahal by grace of god…And through him this knowledge came to vyasji and world……..
    I didn’t understand vedic history…. Ohh… Dear you needs some proper guru who knows sanskrit and history better and can teach you with proper meanings….
    Actually you people don’t have any questions to raise because I have answered all your questions and you don’t have abilities to answer my question so you are finding ways to escape from the questions….. It seems that you are completely clueless for what is being asked and wants to stop me from commenting so that your original face didn’t come in front… Hahaha good one….
    Brother continue it…
    Jay swaminarayan

    • I talk shit about your god. Instead of writing BS, tell your god to come see me. And oh you also mentioned you talk to your god, now that should be easy.

      • Shit can talk only shit about others. I want ask your imaginary god to meet me because he is not such important to me…. Instead if you are so much eager meet me I will answer you in detail…..But you won’t you are just expert in barking from behind the curtain

      • I thought you were moron but I believe you’re also a illiterate which explains why you’re so superstitious.

        I already told you where I live, not like you playing behind the curtain. If I want to find you, believe I know where you’re at. So, ease up on that masculine.

  6. Soni,

    All of the things you mentioned are Lord Krishna’s lilas and are occurring by the arraignment of Lord Krishna.

    You are so clueless and continuously defending your own beliefs. Swamydsp and I have clearly seen the perspective of swaminarayan and we completely reject it! We have analyzed our side and your side and the conclusion is our side is the TRUTH! You are being defeated continuously and yet you write, read my books this and that. We have read your books. It mentions 52 times Lord Krishna’s name and declares Him as Supreme. What more do you want me to read?

    Gita, Bhagavad state Lord Krishna as original God with incarnations. Lord Krishna was an incarnation and he came to earth as Himself. But the original Lord Krishna is there in Vaikuntha Dham. You are so clueless that you cannot understand this.

    Actually Bhagavad was spoken by Vyas and written by who? Lord Ganesha. But you are so foolish that you are thinking about current times and have no understanding of vedic history. Oh swaminarayan was in 1800s, he must be God, how dumb is that!

  7. You are just like a barking dog who don’t know any thing but just barks to silent others if you have guts then discuss on the basis of facts… I have provided you with the reference of scripture but you even don’t know how to interpret them??? Hahaha how can even you read them? You don’t have references from scriptures now if you have guts let’s talk about purana and bhagwat…. You told me that about ram and other avatars there is a mention in ancient scriptures… Okk agree with you…. Tell me a single scripture just a single one which have mentioned about incarnation of shree krishna before his existence I.e before 5000 years…. Just name one I will believe that you are real intelligent and stop this discussion.
    I know you can’t
    Jay swaminarayan

    • ok let’s see if I need to waste my energy in answering your question.

      What came first Krishna or Ved??

      • Counter the question with questions…….Good one….
        Vedas came first

      • I hope below quotes lead you in right direction. Below 2 quotes are about Krishna, and use your knowledge. Search it yourself too.

        Narayana Upanishada:
        brahmanyo devki putra

        Chandogya Upanishada 3.17:
        taddhaitadghor āṅgirasaḥ kṛṣṇāya
        devakīputrāyoktvovācāpipāsa eva sa babhūva
        so’ntavelāyāmetattrayaṃ pratipadyetākṣitamasyacyutamasi
        prāṇasam̐śitamasīti tatraite dve ṛcau bhavataḥ ॥

        Purans were written by Ved Vyas around time of Krishna. Let’s ignore Ram and Krishna for now. Let’s talk about Buddha. Krishna was 8th avatar of Vishnu and Buddha was 9th avatar of Vishnu. Buddha was born around 600 BCE, and for your kind knowledge Krishna was born around 3227 BCE. So Hinduism considers Buddha as god, but has to be backed by someone intelligent.

        Therefore Ved Vyas wrote following in Garud Puran.
        मत्स्यं कर्म्मं च वाराहं नारसिंहस्च्र वामनं |
        रामं रामं च कृष्णं च बुद्धं चैव सकल्किनं |
        एतानि दशे नामानि स्मर्त्यव्यानि सदा बुधै ||३७|| GP 2.30.37

        Now you explain to me why your swamianrayan is not in purans or ved. Don’t tell me he is above all. Before your swaminarayan was born people used consider Krishna, Ram and Buddha as god, but as mentioned about they are also mentioned in Ved and Purans.

  8. Hahaha….Look who is asking for answer…. That person who can’t even say about sanskrit language…Brother swamy come with answers first then we will discuss I know strategies of people like u…..
    Secondly both the books are of lord swaminarayan,spoken by him in his presence so both are authentic
    Thirdly we are not business man as like people of iskcon who needs to sell their things lord himself in told that give it to people who are good and not to the asur jan. He never told to sell it.
    Thirdlyi don’t find anything here to jealous about. Because I know whether some person will worship krishna or swaminarayan but if he will do so with pure heart he will definitely find the way of moksha. Its you people who have a deep feeling of jealosy towards swaminarayan. And thats why you are running your propaganda . Remember not one even if u will convert thousands It won’t effect me because I don’t have any problem with krishna or ram. But yes one thing is sure its beyond your capacity. I have even doubt if this man rajesh was really a swaminarayan or its you who is behind this comment. I knows this type of tectics very well.
    You are repeatedly asking about britishers but you know who was more adharmi at that time? Tell me that person who in the name of dharma does all the bad things is more adharmi or that one who is intended to do business? And tell me why krishna the purna purushottam didn’t saved abhimanyu? Why he didn’t saved sons of pandav? Why he has to run from the war zone? Do you have any answer? You can’t have. Find it and when you didn’t get them from your imaginary god to whom you talks daily then come to me I will answer all

  9. And yes you told was right the first shlok of shiksha patri starts with the devotion towards lord krishna
    Vame sthiti radha shreeshchamyashyati vakshashi etc…
    But same lord swaminarayan in ahmedabad 1st vachan amrit am says that the nara narayan dev whom I have established is because he is the king of bharat khand and I have established their idols by knowing them my form. So shiksha patri is our dharmashastr and vachan amrit is adhyatma shastra. Same lord also said in shiksha patri that this shiksha tri depicts your dharma in short and for detail you have to refer scriptures of our sampraday. That’s why I m asking you to read full scriptures of sampraday and then come to a conclusion.

    • Someone just became super jealous. There is something called “motivational thinking”. No matter who explains to you won’t find any sensible argument.

      Ask your bava that difference, why your puny god says to pray Krishna in shikhsaptari, where other bava depicted him as supreme. May be he used PURN PURSHOTTAM BHAGWAN SHRI KRISHNA’s name to sell his shikhapatri. Very good business. What adharm did your puny god destroy?? Did he destroy Britishers??

      oh such a sea of knowledge you’re!! yet you failed to answer why one of your bava installed Hanuman Ji’s idol where as he failed to install your puny god’s idol!!.

  10. Brother jignesh… From your comments it seems that your view regarding swaminarayan sampraday is completely based upon your experiences you had in or with baps people. Brother again speaking you the knowledge which these baps people are spreading is not the actual teachings of baps and if you are really interested than we can have a discussion on whether swaminarayan is god or not. Don’t build your views on just assumption. Have a close look of scriptures of that particular sampraday or panth and then decide. in past in vedic ages there were not even temples of rama and krishna . Devotion of these deities started after their incarnation. So having a temple doesn’t mean anything.
    Jay swaminarayan


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