Hindu priests have became modern. In today’s world, it is very difficult to find a priest who follow guidelines set in ved. In Ramayan, Ravan disguised himself as a saint/priest to kidnap Seeta. In current world, BAPS priests are looting people of their holiness.

  • When BAPS was building mansion in Robbinsville, New Jersey; BAPS brought workers from India. BAPS took away passport of all workers, so workers cannot leave before finishing the work. It is illegal to take away passport of anyone, one of the worker needs to come out and speak against BAPS about this.
  • Compare original shikhsapatri with BAPS shikhsapatri, and you will find BAPS changed shikhsapatri according to their needs. In original shikhsapatri, swaminarayan described Lord Krishna as supreme god, and ask his followers to pray Lord Krishna. BAPS changed shikhsaptri to make swaminarayan look like god.
  • BAPS don’t adorn Lord Krishna’s idol (murti) with ‘Mor-phinsh’ or Peacock feather, because that would make Lord Krishna more supreme than swaminarayan. You can also see it from above pic, but baps don’t know that word ‘Krishna’ means sarvopari Anand.
  • I heard about a person who was close to BAPS pramukh when he was alive. This person saw how BAPS was money laundering donation money, he also saw other BAPS activity, but he refused to speak. As you can see from below image (Gujarati Only), there was a article in Sandesh Newspaper in Gujarati about how BAPS gets a land from government and sells it for their own purpose.

    BAPS Money Laundring.jpeg

    BAPS is money laundering and government is not doing anything.

  • In BAPS temples females are not allowed to offer anything to god. As you can see from the below picture that BAPS changes their own law/regulation for any politics personnel such as British PM Thressa May. It is disheartening to see how they discriminate certain female individuals.

    Therasa May at BAPS

    Theresa May at swaminarayan temple.

  • Read below comments from BAPS swaminarayan followers who thinks Lord Vishnu is just a dev and other gods are puny where as swaminarayan is supreme. Person who commented also doesn’t have any clue in which Yug Lord Ram and Lord Krishna took birth. It goes on to show how BAPS is not spreading Santan Dharm.BAPS Swaminarayan London temple, London PMCapture

Now, we know evilness of BAPS, but how can we stop them!! All swaminarayan sampradays rely on money, it could be from donation or forcefully asking someone to pay. For all non-swaminarayan OR non-BAPS followers should never donate any amount of money to BAPS or buy any type of food from Shayona (food mart owned by BAPS). If someone offers a snack from Shayona, politely say you don’t support BAPS. Keep in mind, every little step counts towards bigger one, and we’re fighting Dinosaur here. Once, there is decline in the source of income, their feet will tremble.