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  1. BAPS goons (Gay Swami’s) will never teach ORIGINAL SHIKSHAPATRI (so called Shastra’s).

    Shikshapatri verse 1: I, Sahajananda Swami, within my heart, meditate and worship Lord KRISHNA, whose left Radha is standing by, on whose right side resides Lakshmi.

    Shikshapatri verse 102 : DHARM means KRISHNA BHAKTI.

    Shikshapatri verse 103 : BHAKTI means KRISHNA’s LOVE.

    Shikshapatri verse 104 : VAIRAGAYA means KRISHNA’s attachment.

    Shikshapatri verse 105 : JIVA is AKSHAR (Non-Destructible) ATMA.

    Shikshapatri verse 106 : MAYA is KRISHNA’s Shakti.

    Shikshapatri verse 108 : KRISHNA is PARAM-BRAHM (Nirrakaar form).

    Shikshapatri verse 108 : KRISHNA is PURUSHTTOM (SUPREME Sakaar form).

    Shikshapatri verse 108 : KRISHNA is BHAGWAN.


    Shikshapatri verse 109 : KRISHNA is NAR-NARAYAN when with Arjun. (ARJUN is NAR, KRISHNA is NARAYAN).

    Shikshapatri verse 111/112 : Lord Krishna has infinite forms. Krishna can be show with/without Radha, with 2-hands, with 4-hands, with 1008-hands and with Infinite hands.

    Shikshapatri verse 113 : Whole Universe should pray to KRISHNA. The only path for Salvation [MUKTI].

    Shikshapatri verse 114: Biggest AIM of life should be “KRISHNA’s Bhakti and Satsang about KRISHNA” .
    Shikshapatri verse 115 : Never worship any SOULS (AKSHAR).

    Shikshapatri verse 116 : Worship Lord Krishna, by first connecting SOUL with the Brahman (Matter).

    Shikshapatri verse 117 : To understand supreme lord KRISHNA, read 10th-contos of Srimad Bhawat everyday (or atleast once a year).

    Shikshapatri verse 121: GOLAK is SUPREME DHAM, and is AKSHAR (Non-destructible).

    Shikshapatri verse 130/131 : I, Sahajananda Swami created 6-temple of lord KRISHNA and his various forms (lke Laxmi-Narayan). Follow proper ceremonies to worship Lord Krishna in these temples. Anyone visiting these Krishna’s temple should be offered Food and Grains.

    Shikshapatri verse 147: Donate 10% of your income in name of KRISHNA to build Krishna’s temples.

    Shikshapatri verse 212 : May Lord Shri KRISHNA, Destroy all miseries, Protect Bhakti with Dharma and Give desired happiness to all.

    As a result of such grace, the devotees visualise within their hearts the divine light of Akshardham”, and see within this divine light Lord Shri Krishna.
    the Yadavs who lacked these two distinctive features viz knowledge of the infinite greatness and glory of God and faith, even though they stayed with Shri Krishna, served him as their king only. Their names therefore are so easily obliterated from the scriptures, since they lacked the knowledge of the glory of Shri Krishna, where as Uddhavji who served Shri Krishna and knew his divine greatness, is acclaimed as Parama Bhagwat and his name has been well recorded in the scriptures and also remembered by the people.

    The exuberance of love that LakshmiAXMI-JI possesses makes her sometimes lose her identity and she merges in God, similarly, such a devotee, out of such exuberant devotion sometimes merges in God and some times remains engaged in the service of God.

    Dharma-Dev and Bhakti-Devi were harassed immensely by demons.To ease this suffering, they went to Vrundãvan and prayed to ShreeKrishna with the rushis. This pleased Bhagvãn, so He gave them darshan of Himself in the same svarup that He resides in Akshardhãm. He said, “Dharma-Dev and Bhakti-Devi. The demons that torture you now are the demons I had killed in my Krishna avatar. They desire revenge upon me. They know that you are my own, which is why they trouble you. To destroy these demons, I will be born to you as Nãrãyan

    – 4 –

    Rushi, with the name Hari-Krishna. I will protect you from them and free you from Durvãsã Rushi’s curse. I will destroy the demons and adharma, and establish ekãntik dharma on earth”. The murti of Shree Krishna Bhagvãn then disappeared, and entered the heart of Dharma-Dev.
    Dharma-Dev and Bhakti-Devi returned to Chhapaiya with great happiness, and offered bhakti to Shree Krishna Bhagvãn. As Bhagvãn was extremely pleased with Dharma-Dev, he also became known as

    In the midst of Golok is Bhagvãn’s Akshardhãm. It is full of light which is brighter than millions of suns, moons, and fire; it is divya and is extremely white. It is sachidãnand, and is called Brahmpur, Amrutdhãm, Parampad, Anant-Apãr, Brahm, and Chidãkãsh. Such is
    Akshardhãm in which Shree Krishna Bhagvãn eternally resides. Bhagvãn is known as Purushottam, Vãsudev, Nãrãyan, Paramãtmã, Brahm, Parbrahm, Ishvar, Parameshvar, and Vishnu. Bhagvãn is beyond

    the mortal and immortal beings, omniscient, all-doer, the lord of all,
    antaryãmi, and the cause of all causes. He is nirgun, luminous,
    independent, and is worthy of worship by innumerable muktas.

    Shree Nilkanth Brahm-Chãri In Loj
    Shree Nilkanth Brahm-Chãri reached Lojpur in the Samvat year 1856, on Shrãvan vad 6. He met Rãmãnand Swãmi’s shishya, Muktãnand Swãmi, and many other sãdhus. He acknowledged them as the loyal bhaktas of Shree Krishna Bhagvãn and recognised the characteristics of true sãdhus. So, He stayed with them. After staying there for several months, He travelled in company of the sãdhus to Piplãnã, located near Mount Girnãr.

    Shree Sahajãnand Swãmi sent His bhaktas into samãdhi in order to show them His powers and increase their gnãn. Some bhaktas saw Shree Krishna Bhagvãn giving darshan to Lakshmi, Rãdhikã, Shreedãmã, and other pãrshads, in Golok. Some bhaktas saw Vishnu giving darshan to Lakshmi, Nand, Sunand, and other pãrshads in Vaikunth. Some bhaktas saw Mahã-Purush giving darshan to the niranna-muktas in Shvet-Dvip. Some bhaktas saw Bhumã Purush giving darshan to Lakshmi and many pãrshads in Avyãkrut. Some bhaktas saw NarNãrãyan giving darshan to the rushis in Badrikãshram. Some bhaktas saw Shesh-Shãyi Nãrãyan giving darshan to the bhaktas in Kshir-Sãgar. Some bhaktas saw Hiranyamay-Purush giving darshan to Surya-Dev and his servants. Some bhaktas saw Yagna-Purush giving darshan to Agni-Dev and his servants. Some bhaktas heard the sound of pranav. Some bhaktas saw light equal to millions of suns. Some bhaktas saw Brahm, which is sachidãnand, and beyond jãgrat, svapna, sushupti. Some bhaktas saw Virãt-Purush, who is the supporter of the brahmãnd. Some bhaktas saw the loks and powers of the devs. Some bhaktas saw
    the six chakras and their presiding devs, such as Ganesh.

    Sahajãnand Swãmi destroyed adharma and hypocrisy. He had many mandirs built in different regions, and installed the various murtis, such as Nar-Nãrãyan, Lakshmi-Nãrãyan, Bhakti-Dharma, Hari-Krishna, and Rãdhã-Krishna. He displayed miracles through these murtis.
    “Finally, Nãradji learned to sing from Tumbru himself, and then sang
    before Shree Krishna Bhagvãn in Dvãrikã. Only then was Shree
    Krishna pleased, and rewarded Nãradji with His clothes and
    jewellery. Nãradji then abandoned his jealousy towards Tumbru.

    Then, Shreeji Mahãrãj said, “A person should perform dhyãn upon Shree Krishna Bhagvãn together with Rãdhikãji. If he cannot hold the murti within the heart whilst performing dhyãn, he should not lose faith and stop the dhyãn like a coward. Those who are persistent in this way will earn the immense grace and darshan of Bhagvãn. Moreover, Bhagvãn will be bound by their bhakti.” || End of Vachanãmrut Gadhadã I || 5 || 5 ||

    7.6 “When Shree Krishna Bhagvãn is the antaryãmi and the controller of Akshar-Brahm, the ishvars, the jeevs, Mãyã and the brahmãnds that evolve from Mãyã, it is said to be the anvay form of Bhagvãn. When He is distinct from all and resides amidst the light of Brahm in Golok, it is said to be the vyatirek form of Bhagvãn.

    7.7 “These five entities – Purushottam Bhagvãn, Akshar-Brahm, Mãyã, ishvar, and jeev – are eternal.”
    || End of Vachanãmrut Gadhadã I || 7 || 7 ||

    What’s baps doing today ??
    Hiding original shikshapatri.

    What’s baps core teaching saar ??
    All those bawa, baba, swami’s are god.

    What’s baps swami’s doing today ??
    Treating girls as second class citizens, so they can run there business without any accident.

    Shikshapatri verse 113 : whole universe should pray to krishna. There’s no other path for salvation (MUKTI).

    Shikshapatri verse 115 : never worship any souls (akshar).
    Why never worship any souls, because you don’t know all the dirt which happens on behind. Even night sweat of those baba’s dis-qualifies them to be worshiped.

    Sanatan dharm which have history of satyayug-trinity, tretayug-ram, dwaparyug-krishna. Go back millions year in sanatan dharm and there’s no darkness. Krishna-ram-trinity has enlightened it forever.

    Anyone challenging the superiority of Sanatan Dharm, will of-curse have blood/dna of Mughals (forcefully or by choice).

    HOW BAPS manipulate sanatan dharm festivals. Every festival of Sanatan Dharm would be converted in name of Ghanshyam Pandey to make MONEY.

    hindu new year : [ brahma creation, vishnu’s-ram navmi]
    holi : [vishnu nar-shimha ]
    dusshera: [vishnu ram avatar]
    dhan-teras : [ vishnu dhanvantri avatar and laxmi]
    diwali [vishnu ram avatar]
    annkuth [ vishnu giriraj, srinathji]
    bhai-duj [vishnu]
    small diwali [ vishnu krishna tulsi vivah]
    janmastami [vishnu krishna avatar]
    saavan month [ shiv month]
    maha ratri [shiv ratri]
    rath-yatra [ vishnu krishna]
    guru-purnima [ved-vyas, writer of bhagwat gita/purans/vedas]

    sanatan dharm char dham [all vishnu]:

    1st dham : vishnu nar-narayan, badrinath
    2nd dham : vishnu ram, rameshwaram
    3rd-dham : vishnu krishna, dwarka,
    4th-dham : vishnu krishna, jagatnath puri

    BAPS never cares for 6-Temples of KRISHNA which ghanshyam pandey has made. If Ghanshyam pandey takes re-birth (he had bad karma), he would never enter BAPS group and he would curse BAPS followers because they don’t believe KRISHNA is SUPREME.

    Those who goes against guru’s ORIGINAL teachings gets worst 84-lakhs yoni’s.

    Many patels converted into ISLAM!!
    Many Patels remained hard core sanatani (lik Sardar Patel who re-build somnath), and
    Many Atheist Patels having blood/DNA of Mughal Dynasty, went against Bhagwat GITA/RAMAYAAN teahcings . These Mughal mentality patels started BAPS business in name of Ghanshyam Pandey.

    BAPS started ordinary Guru as a SUPREME personality, manipulating text and by stealing KEYWORDS from Vedas/Bhagwat/Purans.


    GAY Pramukh Swami was master mind of this enterprise.

  2. You are good man….

  3. Please believe whatever you want but why are you spreading the information that has no proof. You haven’t included any proof or references in your article. And for your comments about women cannot enter in Mandirs or perform any rituals, is totally wrong. the picture that you uploaded of British PM Thressa May performing a ritual is called “Nilakanth Varni Abhishek” and everyone regardless of gender can perform that in any swaminarayan temple.

    and if some people in the “Sampraday” misbehaves or forcefully asks people to donate money that does not mean the whole “Sampraday” is bad.

    Take the good things from each and everyone, improve yourself and move on.

    • Jay Shri Krishna.

      Article published in news paper is wrong?? Your baps website lists Krishna, Ram and Shiv as dev, is that wrong website as well? Read your own shiksapatri slok 108, Shri Krishna Parbhram Purshottam said by your own swaminarayan. Or Is your shiksapatri wrong as well?

      Question your BAPS first, before questioning anything in the article. ANd I know you’re not going to question, cause you don’t have bone to stand for truth.

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  5. 1. Well, we do believe Swaminarayan is above all Gods. BUT that does not mean we undermine other avtars. We offer them the same respect and devotion! Just how you believe Shri Krishna to be the supreme, we believe Swaminarayan. We do not call Shri Krishna Fake. That is the first and foremost difference between us. We do not force anyone to believe that Swaminarayan is the supreme, they believe whatever they wish. Temples give them a platform to perform devotion, attain peace and to help community and society and come together as family, friends and understand the ideology of Hinduism. We celebrate every utsav whether it is Ganesh chaturthi, Hanuman Jayanti, Ram Jayanti, Shivratri, etc.

    To further add about Swaminarayan being Supreme and worshipping sadhus, it has been mentioned in upanishads and BHAGVAD GITA about the Akshar Brahma and Para Brahma. (someone mentioned where it has been said in past- well i will tell you where)-

    explains importance and greatness of AKSHAR;
    -Munduk Upanishad: 1/2/13, 1/1/5
    – Kath Upanishad: 2/15, 2/16, 3/2,

    – explains that there is nothing above PURUSHOTTAM
    Munduk Upanishad 1/2/11, 2/1/10
    Kath Upanishad 3/11

    Bruhada Upanishad 3/8/9, 3/8/10, 3/7/3, – the Q&A between Rishi Yagnavalkya and Gargi explaining what is the greatest. In here, Rishi Yagnavalkya explains that There is nothing above Purushottam and Akshar is the next best to him.


    8/11 – explains the abode about which scholars study about, bhramcharis leave material happiness for. That is where Akshar resides
    15/16 – explains the eternal entity that is Akshar which is beyond kshar.
    15/17-18 – Uttam purush is different and is called above all of us. Above Akshar and in Veda and world; known as Purushottam

    It has also been mentioned in Bhramasotra. But I assume you get my point.
    Bhagwan Swaminarayan mentions him being Purushottam and Akshar is the choicest devotee in Vachanamrut. You might say BAPS altered them, fine, read Vadtal, Sokhda or whichever. You will see him mentioning him as Purushottam.

    Now, a question to you is. If Krishna= Purushottam, who is Akshar? And what are the forms of akshar?

    It is said the 4 forms of Akshar: (Divine abode itself ) Akshardham, Sevak in there, Chiddakash (present everywhere) and Pragat – Present on Earth. How would you relate to Krishna and ….(Akshar)?

    2. How do you know they took the passports of Indian workers who went there? You been there? You know people who work there? And just FYI, when Taj Mahal was built the hands of workers were chopped off. BUT when Delhi “mansion” was built, the head met all 7000 workers at the age of 85 and thanked them for their immense hard work.

    3. Mor-phinsh is just the way we see Shri Krishna as. You think he wore all jewellery in his everyday life? No, he would obviously act as human, yet appear to be divine.

    4. Baseless argument based on a newspaper. You believe everything to be true in newspaper? I would highly doubt you do…being an engineer, right?

    5. Don’t understand your point? Do you see any sadhus next to Theresa May? Any woman can perform abhisek to Nilkanth Varni. Please get your facts right. You would not know, because you do not enter inside the mandir.

    6. Again, baseless argument based on one person who was at his/her emotional peak. You say many things against BAPS/Swaminarayan, same to same bruh.

    I don’t intend to convert you to Swaminarayan or prove Ram/Krishna are not Gods or they are any smaller than Swaminarayan. You seem to have a very one sided knowledge of the whole idea and morals. Perhaps, you have been affected by someone from Swaminarayan/BAPS said to you. None of us are perfect in this human birth, in fact it is our aim to be perfect on the path to liberation and attain moksha. In doing so, we come across many swabhavs and obstacles that challenge ourselves spiritually. You might hate Swaminarayan, but it does not help you preach against something that has been approved by Kashi Vishva Mahaparishad, pandits, and millions of followers.

    Not going to ask you to close this site either. It is up to you, you might say I am brainwashed. But I say you are brainwashed against us. You are not ready to be rational and weigh the aim, motto and the charitable activities we do. If we do something right, you automatically assume the worst instead of appreciating the fact that they stand for Hinduism, they stand for India, and any local community their temples are built in.

    • जय श्री कृष्णा

      People like you will use or change any book for your own use. There was a time where I would reply to each and every argument, but now I realize that it is more fun to see how envious you people are!!.

      It is marvelous that your baps bava de-crypted vedic knowledge of shri bhagwad Geeta; and oh all the other scholars like Swami Vivekanda, Mahatma Gandhi, Srila Prabhupad, Narayan Krishnamurti, Vinoda Bhave missed out. Marvelous to see how entire hindu religion missed this out for thousands of years, and till 18th century your whatever it is called, he figured it out…. Superb!! Marvelous.

      I know you never read Geeta in your life or hold it in your hand; cause it is against the law of BAPS to read Geeta. But let me educate you a little bit, afterall that is the main reason why I created this blog.

      Who is Akshar?
      त्वमक्षरं परमं वेदितव्यं
      त्वमस्य विश्वस्य परं निधानम् |
      त्वमव्यय: शाश्वतधर्मगोप्ता
      सनातनस्त्वं पुरुषो मतो मे || ch 11, 18||

      After seeing Virat Swarropp Arjun says, ” I recognize you as the supreme imperishable being, the ultimate truth to be known by the scriptures. You are the support of all creation; you are the eternal protector of sanātan dharma (the eternal religion); and you are the everlasting Supreme Divine Personality.”

      Who is purshottam? Oh yet again let me remind you about a shiksapatri that is written by your swaminarayan.
      स श्रीकृष्णः परंब्रह्म भगवान् पुरुषोत्तमः ।
      उपास्य इष्टदेवो नः सर्वाविर्भावकारणम् ॥ 108॥
      Oh wait a minute, you don’t read full shiksapatri.. You read condensed shiksapatri given by your bava.. pity on you..


      जय श्री कृष्णा

      • Sorry but Virat is a perishable being. Virat is a minute form of God who creates, sustains and destroys the universe. There are an infinite number of Virat. Calling God as Virat is a major sin!

      • Lol I’m very curious to know where did you learn this? Geeta chapter 11 is all about virat swaroop. So is it sin yo read about Krishna’s Virat Swaroop?

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  6. Are you mental or what? How could u say lies about Bhagwan Swaminarayan’s divinity when he standing in front of you. You need evidence before making a scene about BAPS. People like you should definitely never get a spot in Akshardham. Bapa such a humble human… how could you say such mal things about him.

    • Please be kind and tell me what lies!!

    • Please be kind and tell me what lies!! Look at my about page, I’m quoting from your shiksapatri. Is your shiksapatri a lie??

      • Read the whole sikshapatri and other books.
        You are stupid.
        Like Rahul Gandhi as you had mentioned earlier.
        You are pappu.
        Now asking for money.
        Big scam.

        Don’t fall into this idiot guy.

      • lol. There are people who have utmost faith in me. And nothing brings me happiness than seeing your swaminarayan sampraday down the drain.

      • જય શ્રી કૃષ્ણ

        This is funny. Asking for money.. haha.. keep it up.

    • Tell me did you not go around asking for money where as your mahant is flying in private jets. Educate us!!

  7. Very true. Keep it up

  8. […] some simple basic knowledge about Hinduism, I will prove why swaminarayan is not the god. Click here to read why BAPS is worst for […]

  9. Sanatan Dharm is very simple and very deep.

    Brahma-Ved (Universe/Glaxies creation & its knowlege, think it as positive ION of battery)

    Hari-Narayan (Ram, Krishna, etc, think it as material-cells of battery)

    Shiv-OM (Energy of Universe, Ganesh, Hanuman, Sun, Moon, Himalaya, Ganges, Meditation, Male-Female energy, think it as negative ION of battery)

    Krishna’s Virat-Roop showed all above as ONE single entity.

    Ghanshyam Pandey (Swaminarayan) made 7-TEMPLES in his life time and those 7-TEMPLE were of Krishna.
    Temple-1 : Krishna with Rukhmani
    Temple-2 : Krishna with LAXMI
    Temple-3 : Krishna with Hanuman Monkey Sena,
    Temple-4 : Krishna-dualform of Nar-Narayan

    Ghanshyam Pandey (Swaminarayan) wrote 2-books (Shikshapatri and VachnaAmrut) .

    BRITISH LIBARARY ORIGINAL SHIKSHAPATRI: Thanks Britisher who SAVED it AS-IS else swami’s manipulation is prime business,639&act=chunit&unit=108

    Shree Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple London


    BAPS manipulated Shikshapatri, MISSING VERSE-108,

    BAPS Swami’s are NO less than Ravan/Kansh/Hirankashyap who doesn’t understand Narayan.


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