Swaminarayan temples are fancy enough for anyone lure away to visit, but true Shri Ram Bhakt or Hanuman Bhakt who recite Hanuman Chalisa everyday should never ever visit any swaminarayan temples. Continue to read to know why.First of all, I strongly believe that swamianarayan is not god. Swaminarayan temples have many idols (murti), but they couldn’t afford to purchase a idol for ‘Laxman Ji’. Laxman, who is a shesh-naag and brother of Shri Ram, is missing from swaminaryan temples. In most of the non-swaminarayan temples, if you see Shri Ram’s idol, you will also find Laxman Ji’s idol as well. In ancient books, many great things has been written about shesh-naag, but simply swaminarayan doesn’t consider to have Laxman Ji’ idol in the temple. Swaminarayan is changing how Hindu ideology that has been written for many ages.

Tulisdas described importance of Laxman Ji in last 2 ‘dohas’ of Hanuman Chalisa, also described below:

पवनतनय सङ्कट हरन मङ्गल मूरति रूप ।
राम लखन सीता सहित हृदय बसहु सुर भूप ॥

Tulsidas says, “O Son of wind god, remover of difficulties, oh one of auspicious form. With Ram, LAXMAN and Sita  reside in our hearts of King of Gods“. Here I put emphasis on LAXMAN, Tulsidas asks Ram, Laxman and Sita to reside in our heart forever. If you don’t see Laxman Ji’s idol in swaminarayan temple, then how can you think about going to swamianrayan temple. Read my article, why swaminarayan is not god? You can also see from below image that BAPS swaminarayan has no idol for Laxman Ji, and they used the word ‘Dev’ for Shri Ram.BAPS methodologies

I’m more concerned about young generation. If swaminarayan sampraday, no matter which sampraday, is on the path to change ages old of tradition of saying ‘Ram Laxman Janki Jai bolo Hanuman ki’, then that should concern each and every Ram or Hanuman Bhakt. You can help by spreading this message to anyone you might know, and you should tell them no not visit any swaminarayan temple.

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  1. […] ઉપર સ્લોક સુંદરકંદ નો છે(33.1), હનુમાન જી ઍ માત્ર પ્રભુ રામની ભક્તિ માગી હતી. સ્વામિનારાયણ સંપ્રદાય ના નકલી પુસ્તકો આજના બાળકો ને હિંદુ ધર્મ થી દૂર લઇ જાય છે, અને અેમનુ વર્ચસ્વ સ્થાપિ્ત કરવા માગે છે. આથી કરિને સ્વામિનારાયણ સંપ્રદાય નુ એક પણ પુસ્તક ખરિદશો નહી અને કોઇ દાન પણ ના અપો. અહેવાલ વાંચવા માટે ક્લિક કરો: શા માટે સાચા રામ અથવા હનુમાન ભક્ત ક્યા… […]

  2. […] ઉપર સ્લોક સુંદરકંદ નો છે(33.1), હનુમાન જી ઍ માત્ર પ્રભુ રામની ભક્તિ માગી હતી. સ્વામિનારાયણ સંપ્રદાય ના નકલી પુસ્તકો આજના બાળકો ને હિંદુ ધર્મ થી દૂર લઇ જાય છે, અને અેમનુ વર્ચસ્વ સ્થાપિ્ત કરવા માગે છે. આથી કરિને સ્વામિનારાયણ સંપ્રદાય નુ એક પણ પુસ્તક ખરિદશો નહી અને કોઇ દાન પણ ના અપો. અહેવાલ વાંચવા માટે ક્લિક કરો: શા માટે સાચા રામ અથવા હનુમાન ભક્ત ક્યા… […]

  3. Anand,

    I just saw a BAPS printed shiksapatri at someone’s house on some bookshelf. I took a look at it and guess what I found! A condensed and edited book in contrast to theoriginal British Library book.

    If the owner of the site shows a page by page comparison, this will expose the BAPS fools!

    As show on the bottom of this page: http://www.swaminarayan.org/scriptures/shikshapatri/sachitra/index.htm. Many slokas are removed and not shown, especial the most important FIRST ONE.

    Sloka 147 states: My disciples shall donate one tenth of their income
    the service of Lord Krishna. Those with lesser means shal
    donate one-twentieth of their income, either in kind or money.

    That money is not all used for worship of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna should be in CENTER, not side and smaller murti. FAKE BAPS even considers mahant swami higher than Lord Krishna according to one orange goon.

    Please continue to expose BAPS and hopefully they don’t brainwash the nongujaratis with their lavish gujarati multi-billion dollar business empire.

  4. Sanatan Dharm is very simple and very deep.

    Brahma-Ved (Universe/Glaxies creation & its knowlege, think it as positive ION of battery)

    Hari-Narayan (Ram, Krishna, etc, think it as material-cells of battery)

    Shiv-OM (Energy of Universe, Ganesh, Hanuman, Sun, Moon, Himalaya, Ganges, Meditation, Male-Female energy, think it as negative ION of battery)

    Krishna’s Virat-Roop showed all above as ONE single entity.

    Ghanshyam Pandey (Swaminarayan) made 7-TEMPLES in his life time and those 7-TEMPLE were of Krishna.
    Temple-1 : Krishna with Rukhmani
    Temple-2 : Krishna with LAXMI
    Temple-3 : Krishna with Hanuman Monkey Sena,
    Temple-4 : Krishna-dualform of Nar-Narayan

    Ghanshyam Pandey (Swaminarayan) wrote 2-books (Shikshapatri and VachnaAmrut) .

    BRITISH LIBARARY ORIGINAL SHIKSHAPATRI: Thanks Britisher who SAVED it AS-IS else swami’s manipulation is prime business

    Shree Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple London


    BAPS manipulated Shikshapatri, MISSING VERSE-108,

    BAPS Swami’s are NO less than Ravan/Kansh/Hirankashyap who doesn’t understand Narayan.

  5. […] Click to read:  why true Ram or Hanuman Bhakat should never visit swamianrayan temple? […]

  6. Well here’s one thing I recently noticed in their temple yet again: I visited one weekend last month and it was time to offer food to idols.

    You know what they did? They offered food plate to Lord Ram which was already offered to their Gurus first!

    It was not like they offered a brand new food plate to Lord Ram, it was the same one they offered to their Guru and the volunteer swiftly took the plate and offered it to Lord Ram.

    Same thing happened on other side with Lord Siva’s turn, offered same food plate AFTER serving their Guru and same plate!

    This is very insulting and disgusting!

    Lord Ram and Siva are highly respectable Gods, how can they do that! Such hypocrisy!

    • Tanuja

      I completely understand your frustration on this matter. For BAPS, Ram, Shiv or Hanuman don’t matter.

      Would you like to share some idea on how to stop BAPS from spreading?

      I think someone who is well known and who understand hinduism should be contacted.

      • Well the thing is, they got pretty good connections with the political leaders wherever they are, so it’s hard.

        And also, people accept them because they also have idols of mostly all of Hindu Gods so there is nothing wrong with that either.

        The problem occurs when them, being a Hindu WILL NOT accept or give respect to any other Gods, other than their own Swaminarayan. That is something they should work on. Their kids will be worse because in a way, it will be like ‘brainwashing’ them as they’re born here, they won’t have influence of any other temples and any other Gods / Goddesses, other than their own Swaminarayan.

        I would say leave it to their mercy of Karma. Apart from that, all we can do is go and pray there at least, since they have Lord Siva and Lord Rama installed.

      • Tanuja

        I know they have very good political connections. In Gujarat, Asharam Bapu also had solid connection with Gujarat Government and Modi, but look where he is right now. Some time, all it takes is small effort to real truth to come out.

        If you can somehow find a way to record whatever they say. That would be fantastic.

        Their true nature will come out to public.

        If you go their temple, please don’t donate any money, in fact I beg you. I can assure that money won’t go to poor people, instead it will go for their bava to ride in private jets. Donating money makes them more powerful.

      • “I think someone who is well known and who understand Hinduism should be contacted.”

        First, if you didn’t do this before starting a blog, I guess you are nuts.

        Secondly, No person who truly understands Hinduism will come to your and your purpose’s aid. That is because: Hinduism is about the philosophies of the Vedas. For any one who wants to present a philosophical interpretation has to get feasible proof from the prastan traya: the upnishads, Brahmasutras and Bhagvat Geeta.

        All who presented their philosophical interpretation gave a proof in such a manner. Following is a list of persons who gave interpretaions:
        1.Sri Sankracharya with his advaita doctine
        2.Sri Ramanujacharya with his vishistadvaita doctrine
        3.Sri Madhvacharya with his dvaita doctrine
        4.Sri Nirbarkacharya with his Dvaitadvaita doctrine
        5.Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu with his Achintya Bheda Abheda doctrine
        6.Sri Vallabhacharya with his Shuddhadvaita doctrine

        A point to note is that, all this doctrines are based on the prastan traya and are just cleared explanations from the generations preceding their time and they try to improve the base ontology of Hinduism. While that is said, its important to understand that the philosophies existed before being compiled and and the given proof was presented. eg. advaita doctine existed before Sri Sankracharya but Sri Sankracharya explained and gave proofs to his philosophical interpretation. Same applies to all philosophical interpretation.

        Coming back to point, The Swaminarayan Sampraday is based on the fundamental philosophies that Lord Swaminarayan preached. The formal proof from the prastan traya was produced by Swami Bhadrashdas as the Swaminarayan sidhanta also known as Nayva vishistadvaita doctrine as it roots from vishistadvaita doctrine by Sri Ramanujacharya.

        The Nayva vishistadvaita existed before Lord Swaminarayan, given by; that is the entire reason why Lord Swaminarayan stayed with Swami Ramanand as Swami Ramanand’s disciple Swami Muktanand gave the answer to question of :

        What are the fundamental entities of existence?

        to which Swami Muktanand replied:

        Jiv, Ishavar, Maya, Brahma, and Parabrahma.

        This is the basis of the Swaminarayan philosophy.

      • “I guess you are nuts” — I’m everything you describe. I just want you to find happiness.
        “No person who truly understands Hinduism will come to your and your purpose’s aid.” — You find me a person who fully understand Hinduism, and I will give up everything in my life and I will become his chela.

        Not sure if you know your baps entirely, but swaminarayan wrote shiksapatri in his life. Read slok 108, “Shri Krishna is parbhram Purn Purshottam and cause of all incarnation”. And look at what your baps has done; they write purn purshottam for swaminarayan and just dev for Parbhram Purn Purshottam Shri Krishna. Bharesh went on creating on Swaminarayan sidhanta calling it a vishistadvaita?? Bhadresh should understand what swaminarayan wrote in shiksapatri and really understand what message swaminarayan trying to convey to people. Tell bhadresh to raise a question why swaminarayan is listed as purn purshottam where as Shri Krishna as just a dev!!

        And full form of BAPS is (Bochasanwasi Aksharpurshottam etc).. Who is this AksharPurshottam? I will give you explanation from Bhagwad Geeta.

        त्वमक्षरं परमं वेदितव्यं
        त्वमस्य विश्वस्य परं निधानम् |
        त्वमव्यय: शाश्वतधर्मगोप्ता
        सनातनस्त्वं पुरुषो मतो मे || 11.18||

        Arjun says त्वमक्षरं means Krishna you’re impressible thing. Slok above slok to your whatever it is called, and see what he says. He will deny by saying that is not true will give different explanation.

  7. S. Tanuja,

    EXCELLENT POST! BAPS is the worst thing that happened to this planet. Actually, all gujarati people that follow baps (which is 95% of Gujarat in my opinion) are the worst people on this planet. The sheer stupidity can be seen daily on http://www.baps.org.

    They have placed Lord Rama in the back in their temples and fake sahajanand in the center. The amount of sin is worse than a meat eater.


    Look at the fool trying to play nice. But after visiting the REAL temple, he still did not realize!!!


    Screw all the baps people who have come in my life trying to brainwash into becoming a baps follower. Even their books I consider garbage.

  8. Namaste. I am from Telangana but live in Kitchener, Canada.

    Whatever you have written is correct. They always beg for donations to everyone. Inside their temples, they show how humble are/were their gurus and their lives. Yet, when I asked why they have a chartered plane or a Rolls Royce – they say it’s because devotees donate and they want our guru to travel in that!

    Since some days, I have been researching on Swaminarayan philosophy and one thing stands out – Swaminarayan wrote a small book ‘Shikshapatri’ which shows how their devotees (both priests and householders) should live.

    In that, Swaminarayan in the first Shloka says: I meditate upon my Lord, Lord Krishna to write this.

    On the other hand, they (these organizations 200 years later) are literally brainwashing everyone that Swaminarayan is THE LORD mentioned in the Shikshapatri, NOT LORD KRISHNA. That’s why, they only follow Swaminarayan as their ‘Supreme Lord’.

    Now any devout Hindu will know that in any ancient Hindu scriptures, only and only Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna are authorized to be the Supreme beings from where all the animate and inanimate things originate from. All the universes emerged from Lord Vishnu and will dissipate in Him only. In short, this is authorized by ALL the saints and sages of India and the world.

    These guys are making fool of public by propagating Lord Krishna as a ‘dev’ (Sanskrit for ‘controller’) and tell everyone that ONLY Swaminarayan is beyond Maya, everyone else is just a ‘dev’, i.e. under Maya.


    Let me quote one verse from Srimad Bhagavatam: http://www.gitabase.com/eng/SB/4/30/24

    ‘One who considers Lord Vishnu to be in the same category with devas like Lord Brahma or Lord Siva or who thinks Lord Brahma and Siva to be equal to Lord Vishnu is to be considered as pashandi (a faithless nonbeliever).’

    I couldn’t bear anymore of this trash knowledge when I was in their temple because they claim their priest wrote some ‘scripture’ some 200 years back and they follow ONLY AND ONLY THAT, NOT EVEN THE BHAGAVAD GITA, FORGET SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM!

    What I have learned from this instance is this: In this Yuga, it is VERY EASY to fool public and make money. That’s all.

  9. After a deep thought, I believe I have the answer why they don’t put Laxmanji.

    They (BAPS) want to show the world their belief of worshipping only 2 idols – either Lord Krishna and Shri Radhaji or Lord Shiva and Shri Parvatiji; just like how they worship their own 2 idols in the middle shrine.

    That’s why, if they put Laxmanji with Lord Ram and Shri Sitaji’s idols, then their ‘tradition’ of only worshipping 2 idols will break.

    Funny part is – this happened to our friend in one of their temples – he asked why Laxmanji is not there to one of their guides. His reply: Oh He went out and he will be back! YES THAT’S THE REPLY MY FRIEND GOT!

    When I went again sometime later, I heard they had ‘fired’ their tour guide volunteer and had a big ‘meeting’ as to what to tell people if they ask the question about Laxmanji. I didn’t had a chance yet to ask the question.

    • If you agree with my ideology then I beg you to not visit any swaminarayan temple. I’m not sure if you’re gujarati, but I’m gujarati and I know these people very well.

      BAPS doesn’t hire tour guide, their own followers provide tour. Same person didn’t get fired, he probably got assigned to some other work. BAPS is money hungry monster and very conscious about image to non gujarati. Their followers would come to your house to collect money, forcefully ask you to donate money, yet their priests drive in Rolls Royce and fly in charter plane. I see that you’re from Canada. BAPS portrays to do walkathon to raise money for Cancer research or what not, but they donate only small portion of collection to cancer research, rest they put it in their pocket.

      I beg that you don’t do any tour or donate any type of money or purchase anything from Shayona. By donating you will make demon more powerful. My goal is to educate people to not donate any money to BAPS.

      • First of all, I am a coordinator for Walkathon and I can guarantee that most of the money goes towards the American Cancer Society. The rest goes towards people who need help or nursing homes

      • There you go, you contradict your own statement. When you’re doing walkathon, your banner says charity for cancer, it doesn’t say “people who need help or nursing homes”!!…

  10. Using the word “Dev” is so offensive. BAPS people are so full of themselves. They call their fake swaminarayan “Ghanshyam and HariKrishna.” How does any of this makes sense? Steal names from another scripture (Gita/Bhagavat) and make millions of dollars with disney character swaminarayan.


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