Lavish Lifestyle of swaminarayan sadhus in picture.

Millions of swaminarayan followers forcefully ask non-swamianrayan to donate money. For example, when Mahant was visiting US; their BAPS followers were forcefully asking others to donate, yet their sadhus live lavish lives.

આપણા નરશિંહ મેહતા, કૅ જેમણે આખુ જીવન કૃષ્ણ ની ભક્ત્તિ મા કાડ્યૂ. કૉઇક વખત સમય કાડિ નૅ જૂનાગડ મા નરશિંહ મેહતા ની ચાલી જોઇ આવજો, તમનૅ નરશિંહ મેહતા ની સાદગી નો અહેશાશ થશે, અને એજ સાદગી થી ભગ​વાન ને જાણ્યા. અને આજના આ સ્વામિનારાયાણ ના બાવા. ક્યાય એ નરશિંહ મેહતા, અને ક્યાય આજના modern સ્વામિનારાયાણ ના બાવા. જાગૉ ગુજરાતી ઓ, જાગો.

Pictures worth 1000 words.

swaminaran bava waiting in line to cast their vote. If they have left material world and became sadhu, then why care for who comes as government.






2 comments on “Lavish Lifestyle of swaminarayan sadhus in picture.”
  1. Raghav says:

    To be honest, I know from a friend that some of their sadhus would ‘lend’ you money on some interest rates and also help you buy some land deals.

    Swaminarayan are not supposed to touch money but here, the story is different.

    Regarding that lifestyle in pictures, yes it’s true and because of my friend there, once I had a chance to visit a room where sadhus live. Guess what I found there? Japanese toilet with auto controls! Heated seats, 5/6 different buttons with different controls, auto water flush and what not! These guys are using money like no tomorrow in the name of religion.

    I would say donating blindly there is utter foolishness. Instead, there are tons of people who don’t even have money to wed their daughters or even more, who can’t even eat once a day. Help them instead!


    1. swamydsp says:

      Well thank you for your comment. You and I and all anti-swaminarayan people can talk all day about these fake greedy corrupted sampradays, but what can we do!!

      We know they are fake, but somehow we need to bring it to the public. I suggest that you go visit again, but with hidden camera!!

      I can’t stand these people, I don’t even go close to their temple.


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