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10 thoughts on “Lavish Lifestyle of swaminarayan sadhus in picture.”

  1. First they ask for donations for bricks, then stone, and they keep going till it’s time to make a good murti. Specifically gold from US followers. Then bapa uses his slow cunning fox voice to brainwash them into donating for a good cause and a way to go to akshardham. I too was once a baps follower. I converted from ramanandi to swami but I have realized the truth of these goons. Don’t blindly donate to them. They are trying to erase Ram and Krishna. This is what they indirectly teach on Sundays. Think twice before you donate.

  2. Lmao half they followers force non Swamis to donate blindly. Don’t be fooled by the fake shraddha.

  3. First of all You dont Donate – to any Swaminaryan temples.– you dont go close to them ..
    Then why you have to worry about where they spend it.
    100% money donated in Swaminarayan comes from donation from Satsangi Families,
    which really dont care about your bull shit..

    Try to find facts about Vaishnav’s who do have the same life style and where you donate you money..
    This are just couple, of the pictures, Internet is full of this ideas, let me know if you need more..

    1. Yes, I don’t donate and if I talk to anyone I tell them to not donate. And 100% money donated comes from satsangi families, then you’re lying here.
      Each and every gujarati knows how money is generated. It is by forcefully asking others to donate, and You people use the term called ‘Ugarani’.

      What is done can never be undone, what is not done can be preserved. When I created this time I was hoping to change people’s mind, but now with this site, people are not your followers, hoping they stay away from you people..

      1. Each and every Gujarati? Well, am hearing this for the first time. Swami is in a plane. So what? Do u expect him to travel From India to Africa to America by swimming? Use you brains man!

  4. To be honest, I know from a friend that some of their sadhus would ‘lend’ you money on some interest rates and also help you buy some land deals.

    Swaminarayan are not supposed to touch money but here, the story is different.

    Regarding that lifestyle in pictures, yes it’s true and because of my friend there, once I had a chance to visit a room where sadhus live. Guess what I found there? Japanese toilet with auto controls! Heated seats, 5/6 different buttons with different controls, auto water flush and what not! These guys are using money like no tomorrow in the name of religion.

    I would say donating blindly there is utter foolishness. Instead, there are tons of people who don’t even have money to wed their daughters or even more, who can’t even eat once a day. Help them instead!

    1. Well thank you for your comment. You and I and all anti-swaminarayan people can talk all day about these fake greedy corrupted sampradays, but what can we do!!

      We know they are fake, but somehow we need to bring it to the public. I suggest that you go visit again, but with hidden camera!!

      I can’t stand these people, I don’t even go close to their temple.

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