17 thoughts on “Disgusting attitude of Swaminarayan BAPS towards young girl. Click to see it yourself

  1. Actually, I have read Eternal Virtues, in which the book describes how Pramukh Swami exhibits all of the characteristics of the Gunatit Sadhu. Sant Kabir, the rushi munis have described this in detail

  2. Bhagwan Swaminarayan has given high regards to the Ramayan and Mahabharat actually if you read his life. He talks about Sita’s pativrata in the vachanamrut. He gives immense respect towards Ram, but facts be damned. Do not believe in alternative facts and fake news

  3. I think they pretty much follow their Shikshapatri. They don’t talk to women, do not own money, do not communicate with women, or their family. Their guru is widely respected around the world. There was no one purer than Pramukh Swami. Read on his life. Do not slander someone you do not know.

  4. Why don’t you stupid fucks sit down and shut the fuck up. Looking at women is against their dharma, which you two dipshits clearly know nothing about. Bhagwan Swaminarayan did more for women’s rights than any God. He ended the drowning of female babies, as well as the suicide of widows in the fire. He promoted women’s marches and equalities by empowering Dada Khachar’s sisters. Read your fucking history you stupid fucks. The females sit in the back of the assembly because it is against the dharma of BAPS sadhus to look at and lust over women. Unlike other swaminarayan sampradays where lust happens among sadhus, and they use and coerce women for their sexual advantage, and end up raping these innocent women, our sadhus respect women by not looking at them lustfully and focusing their thoughts towards God. Sit the fuck down you ass clowns before you get exposed for slander

      1. I am not a follower of BAPS or Swaminarayan, but you love slandering against them when you do not have the courage to debate them intellectually about these things. Speculate, speculate, and speculate, but stand like a puss and a coward and hide behind the internet to make your claims. I am an agnostic, but recognize that BAPS has their shit together. Evidenced by the fact that when their guru passed away, NUMEROUS politicians and NUMEROUS devotees (2.2 million over a four day span), went to experience his last rights. Read up on Pramukh Swami and Mahant Swami before slandering their names

      2. Are you Hindu? or Converted Hindu?

        Are you aware of characteristics of sadhu? Their guru, do you think they follow what their swaminarayan said in shiksapatri? I know more than you will ever know about baps and their gurus. Do you know what Ramayan is? Do you know who Raavan is? If you do know who Raavan is, then I don’t remind you in what form he came to kidnap Seeta ji. Raamayan happened in Treta Yug, and you’re living in Kali Yug. If you think baps sadhus are legitimate, then just ask them to show bhakti like Narsinh.

        Look, there is no end to argument when someone is motivated in their beliefs. Now, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; similarly values of someone is in the mind of beholder. You may think, I’m negative or slandering all swaminarayan sampraday; but I’m laying facts for readers.

        You may continue to comment, but you won’t get reply from me.

  5. Use social media to leverage more people. I completely agree with you. Comment on BAPs social media and get more reactions and see how they respond. Keep it up

    1. Will do. But in sea full of haters, arguing idiot will make me look like an idiot. My goal is to go after their money and cut down interaction with politicians. I have done some ad campaign, and my next one I’m planning to target Canadian PM. Canadian PM is well know for his speech for woman rights, and he is also associated with Baps in Canada.with Hari kripa, hopefully all will go well all

      1. i am not BAPS follower. what do you have against BAPS? Do you approve of other Swaminarayan sects like ISSO, YDS, SMVS and what they do? why do u only go after BAPS?

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