Took screenshot of the below image from one of the dedicated BAPS follower. BAPS is very good for its image in media and politicians, but all media and politicians really don’t know their behavior towards female gender.


From user caption, I can tell above picture was taken at Sarangpur, Gujarat, which is headquarter or hub of BAPS. As you can see from the above picture, boys are sitting in front, where as girls are sitting at very back. BAPS is biased towards woman, but I didn’t know they are also biased towards young girl.

If they have problem with one particular gender, then why don’t they put a sign to stop female from visiting their temple? Why do they not pray to their swaminarayan to not to ever have another baps follower to born in this world.

What you see in the above image is not Hinduism. It is not in Hindu values or tradition to be biased towards female gender or young girl. This is not Hinduism, this is very disheartening to even imagine. Hinduism has always respected females, where in Hinduism we have always prayed shakti. I pray the same shakti take steps to destroy BAPS.

Whoever reads this, please spread the message and educate everyone. It is not the one swaminarayan sampraday that is biased towards girls, all swaminarayan sampradays are biased towards girls. Please wake up and educate others.