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Swaminarayan sampraday sadhu try to get intimate with 15 year old boy.

Recently Kalupur, Ahmedabad swamianrayan sanstha sant try to get intimate with 15 years old boy. Parents of the kid logged a FIR against swaminarayan sadhu, but parents pulled FIR after reaching agreements with sampraday sadhu, it has not been mentioned, if agreement include monetary value.Shree_Swaminarayan_Sampraday,_Ahmedabad.jpg

15 year old boy went inside the temple to fill up the water bottle; getting the opportunity at the right time, swaminarayan sadhu called the boy inside the room. Swaminarayan sadhu try to get intimate with the boy, but boy quickly ran outside to his parents. Soon after, parents of the boy reached local police station to lodge the FIR, but later FIR pulled out.

One of the on-goer commented that this is normal business for any swaminarayan sampraday. Swaminarayan sampraday collect big donation from the public or government and build huge temples to run their business.

“ સ્વામિનારાયણ સંપ્રદાયમાં આવુ જ ચાલે છે ! મોહમાયામાં આખો સંપ્રદાય લપેટાયેલો છે ! ફાળા ફાળા ને ફાળા ઉઘરાવવા અને મંદિરો બનાવવા સિવાય બીજો કોઇ ધંધોજ નથી ત્યા ! 

Same stories have also came out in the past, where many swaminarayan sadhu would get intimate with the females. One of the video came out in 2015. Under the rule of BAPS Pramukh Swami, similar story also came out regarding sadhu getting intimate with women.

If swaminarayan sadhu can’t keep their instincts in check, then why loot people on the name of the god.

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  1. Baps only brainwashes people and loots then by telling them to donate and they’ll go straight to Akshardham

  2. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Gay Swaminarayan, Pramukh-Gay-PramukhSwami,

    Aarti Gay SadGuru Swami,

    Gay Sadguru Swāmī, Prabhu Gay Sadguru Swāmī
    Sahajānand Gayāḷū (X2), Baḷavant Bahunāmī… Gay Sadguru Swāmī

    Charana-Saroj Tamārā, (Gay Vandu Karjoḍi), Gay Prabhu Vandu Karjoḍi
    Charane Gay, Shīsh Dhāryathī (X2), Dukh Nākhya Toḍi… Gay Sadguru Swāmī

    1. If someone say to you Jay Swaminarayan, reply them saying either “Sriman Narayan” or “Om Namoh Narayan”, this will have no clue which Narayan you’re referring too.

      1. Ef your effing ideas and gayish thoughts mr daridra narayan. Show your own gayishness to yourself in the mirror if it so pleases you. Who gave you any effing right to change the aarti. You are such a pervert.

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