Why do Rapes happen in India?

Recently in India, 8 year old girl, Asifa, have been raped and murdered, her parents have to flee the home to save from embarrassment.

Nirbhaya rape, happened in 2012, which is still fresh in our mind, and yet we’re seeing another innocent life have been raped and murder. Asifa have been raped, and all we can think and do is share a picture or share a tweet to show of our sympathy, but will this ever change?

Root of the problem

Roots of this problem lies in our thinking, Indian cultured have always portrayed woman as one who always need the help of a men to carry out her work. Indian culture have never considered women equal to men. Women are slaves for Indian men, women give birth so men can call himself father of a child. It is also shame to say that Hinduism also have done its part to show women lesser to men. In ancient Hinduism, women were goddess and source of power; but some of the current religious leader in Hinduism openly portrays women less equal to men, and yet we, Indians, openly accepts that; and we blindly follow whatever their leader say.

Gujarati BAPS SWAMINARAYAN SANSTHA is the open living example. BAPS swaminarayan sanstha have built many famous temples around the world (Delhi, Akshardham) and in India too, and we’re flooding into their temples everyday considering it is the symbol of Hinduism, but reality is something else underneath.

Why do rapes happen in India? Swaminarayan temple is also the reason.

Above picture was captured at BAPS headquarter in Sarangpur, Gujarat, India. As you can clearly see from the above picture, look how far those small girls are sitting from the boys. Boys have been given the front seat, and their sadhus have openly arranged this seating for them. Above picture is the perfect example of how our modern world religion is corrupting the mind of young children. For some sanstha like swaminarayan takes pride in this. We should be shameful that we have given such a high standard to these people. Boys sitting at the front row’s mind already corrupted and they feel more special than girls.

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Even Narendra Modi and many political leader have spotted at swamianrayan temples supporting their cause. We, Hindus, are naive and we don’t nurture our kids right away. We don’t have appetite to stand for the truth. PM Narendra Modi in many of his speeches liked the work of swaminarayan sanstha, but at what cost!! Narendra Modi will take a pride on how BAPS swaminarayan sanstha are spreading Hinduism, but Modi will not stand for the truth against swaminarayan sanstha discrimination towards women, and that should be shame on all Hindus.

Why do rapes happen in India, Narendra Modi is the reason

Narendra Modi at swaminarayan temple for vote gathering.


It is definitely up to the government to erase such a difference, but we all know too well our Indian political. Teach your kids from very young age to respect children. Teach your kids that every race is equal, no body is superior of less important. Keep your children away from places where women are not considered equal, even if it is your favorite religious place. By teaching young kids, it won’t stop the rape from happening right away, but after 20 years, fruit will be ripe and India will have better future.

Swaminarayan Followers

Swaminarayan followers are also most illiterate and superstitious people in India. Their followers will believe each and everything their leaders say. Even though it is visible to their eyes, they will never raise a voice of women equality. If swaminarayan sampraday really have problem with female gender, then they should put a sign for “Men Only”, but they won’t do that, cause that will be loss of income.

If you an appetite to stop this, never go any swaminarayan temple or donate anything. If you have liked this article, please share on social media to educate people about this fake swaminaran sansthas.