Another biggest campaign done on facebook. We had numerous likes and shares. It tells us that people are aware of swaminarayan sampraday’s activity, but they don’t find a voice to act with. With $4.56 budget, we reached 9386 people. Many comments, likes and shares. If you like to contribute for the cause, you can donate below.

We targeted people of Rajkot, Gujarat. Post was liked for 47 and shared 18 times.

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To Spread a word against Swaminarayan

Your donation will be used in facebook ad campaign to educate people of Gujarat why swaminarayan is not god. I can guarantee you that your donation will not be used for my own benefit.


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  1. I find this situation highly amusing considering who and what you are.

  2. Do not think these are just empty messages. You have been warned on many occasions but your nature is stubborn so I will be launching my case against your person in due course.

    • Dude you said the same thing like 1000 times; can you please move on?
      I’m tired of hearing it.

  3. Great, then prepare yourself for a court case.

  4. You are one persistent [stubborn] individual. This persistency of yours will not last, you just keep watching the clock and time will come to knock on your door in the biggest way possible. Stubborn People have no place in the world as their ways are weak. What you advocate as truth may be truth to you but what others say is truth to them you as an individual are trying to tarnish that, what does that say about you as a character? You as a Vaishnav should be introspecting regarding what you are and what you want to do (spiritually) not quarreling with people over who is God. Think about it, I’ve told you this many times before that you look foolish when you state something and have nothing to back it up with. Consider whatever situation you are in as it is and don’t go over pondering on it. Your over ponderence has lead you here. Be happy and rejoice in the glory of the one you have attained if not then it’s your loss as this time won’t come again. 6.4 Million lives you have lived and now you are finally at this stage where you can comprehend things as they are, why waste it in arguing? Like I said rejoice and be happy! Jai Satchitanand.

    • Remember I said, “there is more to come”. Now, there is plenty of more to come.


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