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  1. This Arukash is the biggest fool on this planet and stands alongside each and every fool of BAPS.

    Look at this:

    They are discussing Moksha as theme of conference and speaking of Gajendra who has no connection with bogus swaminarayan. In this whole conference, they don’t even mention the name of Lord Krishna!

    The gujaratis who follows baps are the biggest crock on this planet and are contaminating the greatest and only gift of India, Sanatana Dharma, devotion to Purushottam Bhagavan Sri Krishna.

    #baps #fake

  2. The guy who runs this site as well as others who comment on it are extremists. They force ideas down your throat so that you believe what they believe, all because they want 5 minutes of fame. However these extremists will be dealt with in accordance with the law, so not worry Bhawarlalbhai these people shall face the law, Maharaj doesn’t leave a single leaf unturned there may be delay in his court but you will always find justice!

    • We didn’t invite you to the site! Plus this site is not for swaminarayan followers you can do me favor of not visiting and you can also tell your freinds and family to not ever visit this site.

    • Foolish Arukash,

      BAPS never talks about original 6-Temples of KRISHNA which ghansyam_pandey has established. BAPS never keeps original SHIKSHAPATRI which was handwritten by Swami-Ji-Narayan.

      Shikshapatri verse 1: I, Sahajananda Swami, within my heart, meditate and worship Lord KRISHNA, whose left Radha is standing by, on whose right side resides Lakshmi.

      Shikshapatri Verse-99: The tenth and fifth skanda of Srimad Bhagvad shall and the Yagnavalkya Smruti shall be treated as My favorite Bhakti shastras, Yoga shastras and Dharmashastra respectively.

      Shikshapatri Verse-100 : Vyas–sutras and Shri Bhagvad Gita by Ramanujacharya shall be treated as my favorite Shastras.

      Shikshapatri verse 102 : DHARM means KRISHNA BHAKTI.

      Shikshapatri verse 103 : BHAKTI means KRISHNA’s LOVE.

      Shikshapatri verse 104 : VAIRAGAYA means KRISHNA’s attachment.

      Shikshapatri verse 105 : JIVA is AKSHAR (Non-Destructible) ATMA.

      Shikshapatri verse 106 : MAYA is KRISHNA’s Shakti.

      Shikshapatri verse 108 : KRISHNA is PARAM-BRAHM (Nirrakaar form).

      Shikshapatri verse 108 : KRISHNA is PURUSHTTOM (SUPREME Sakaar form).

      Shikshapatri verse 108 : KRISHNA is BHAGWAN.


      Shikshapatri verse 109 : KRISHNA is NAR-NARAYAN.

      Shikshapatri verse 111/112 : Lord Krishna has infinite forms. He can be show with/without Radha, with 2-hands, with 4-hands, with 1008-hands and with Infinite hands.

      Shikshapatri verse 113 : Whole Universe should pray to KRISHNA. There’s no other Salvation.

      Shikshapatri verse 114: Biggest AIM of life should be “KRISHNA’s Bhakti and Satsang about KRISHNA” .

      Shikshapatri verse 115 : Never worship any SOULS (AKSHAR).

      Shikshapatri verse 116 : Worship Lord Krishna, by first connecting SOUL with the Brahm (Matter).

      Shikshapatri verse 117 : To understand supreme lord KRISHNA, read 10th-contos of Srimad Bhawat everyday (or atleast once a year).

      Shikshapatri verse 121: GOLAK is SUPREME DHAM, and is AKSHAR (Non-destructible).

      Shikshapatri verse 130/131 : I, Sahajananda Swami have created 6-temple of lord KRISHNA and his various forms (lke Laxmi-Narayan). Follow proper ceremonies to worship Lord Krishna in these temples. Anyone visiting these Krishna’s temple should be offered Food and Grains.

      Shikshapatri verse 147: Donate 10% of your income in name of KRISHNA to build Krishna’s temples.

      Shikshapatri verse 212 : May Lord Shri KRISHNA, Destroy all miseries, Protect Bhakti with Dharma and Give desired happiness to all.

      All Important Shikshapatri verses are here:

      GAY Swaminarayan !!


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