BAPS Swaminarayan Sampraday recently claimed Bhadresh Swami as the 6th prominent Acharya of Hinduism, but what is the truth behind it? Who declared Bhadresh Swami as 6th Acharya of Hinduism. 

Acharya title is given to the people who have done great work to main Sanatan Dharma. Adi Sankaracharya was the first Acharya in Hinduism; work done by Adi Sankaracharya is unparalleled. Then other Acharya also followed such as Ramanujacharya, Madhvacharya, Nimbarkacharya, Vallabhacharya and now BAPS Swaminarayan Sampraday claimed Bhadresh Swami as 6th Acharya.

Firs time, list appeared in Acharya topic of Wikipedia; Wikipedia is open source; mean anyone can sign up for the account and edit any article. Wikipedia also offers a way to track any changes to article. On 1st January, one of the BAPS follower edited the Achrya article and listed Bhadresh Swami as 6th acharya with no reference. Recently, BAPS spread the news that Bhadresh Swami is the 6th prominent Acharya; based on what is written on Wikipedia. It is a BAPS Swaminarayan Sampraday’s strategy to expand their propaganda; it also widely seen in Gujarat and in Gujarati.

For a moment if we were to consider Bhadresh Swami as 6th prominent Acharya, then question yourself what work has he done to protect Sanatan Dharma? All the work of Bhadresh Swami is related to expansion of Swaminarayan Sampraday; below are the work done by Bhadresh Swami which is also retrieved from Wikipedia.

  • Swaminarayan Bhashyam : Brahmasutra Swaminarayan Bhashyam. Amdavad: Aksharpith. 
  • Upanishat Swaminarayan bhashyam : Ishadyashtopanishad Swaminarayan bhashyam. Amdavad: Aksharpith. 
  • Swaminarayan bhashyam : Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Swaminarayan bhashyam. Amdavad: Aksharpith. 
  • Swaminarayan bhashyam : Chhandogyopanishad Swaminarayan bhashyam. Amdavad: Aksharpith.
  • Swaminarayan bhashyam : Bruhadaranyakopanishad Swaminarayan bhashyam. Amdavad: Aksharpith. 

It should also be noted that BAPS swaminarayan sampraday is not following what is written in Shiksapatri. Shiksapatri slok 108, 112 and 113 particular described that everyone should be praying to Shri Krishna, instead BAPS has made their own god. Instead, Shri Krishna, Shri Ram and Mahadev are listed as Dev in their temple.